Coalmont Community Bulletin Board

The New Bulletin BoardThe new Coalmont Community Bulletin Board is already much used, which shows that it was something we really needed here. It was provided courtesy of the Mozey-On-Inn.

Although (as one person reports seeing) it would appear to be a problem with people from out of town, it is clear that not everybody shares the Coalmont spirit of community. Of course the board is for everyone, but regardless of where you’re from, good manners apply here. This prompted the following letter to the Coalmont Courier.

Bulletin Board Etiquette

Most have probably noticed the new Coalmont Community Bulletin Board that we placed near the mailboxes. We felt it would be a nice addition since it was becoming more and more difficult to read the notices which were being put up. Unfortunately, with the Pool Referendum around the corner, some have decided that their point of view is more important than others and have been removing notices and replacing them with those showing a different point of view.

We would remind everyone that we are a community, and as such are made up of individuals who will have different points of view. Your point of view is not more important than those of others, and you have no right to remove their notices from the board. The only time it would be appropriate to remove notices from the board is when they are obviously expired.

We hope everyone will practice bulletin board etiquette. Please show respect for your friends and neighbours and set an example for the children in our community. This is a perfect opportunity to teach our children how democracy works and that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Your Neighbours,
Diane and Bob Sterne
The Mozey-On-Inn