Little Coalmont

The little village of Coalmont just got smaller – a whole lot smaller!!! Brian Swanton of Lion’s Head, Ontario has been reconstructing a G-scale garden railroad of the Kettle Valley Railway. Among other towns that he is recreating for his model, is the town of Coalmont. This isn’t a toy train set he’s building – this is art combined with history!

Mr. Swanton contacted the Sternes for photographs of old buildings in Coalmont so that his replicas can be as accurate as possible to the originals. His skills are truly amazing. The model is complete with mini people, mini cars, mini trees – well, you get the idea. His outdoor setup is approximately 60 feet by 40 feet with an indoor area of 25 feet by 4 feet. The outdoor track length is 580 feet and the indoor track area is 150 feet. Sit back and enjoy a ride on Mr. Swanton’s train and see Coalmont’s very own “mini me”. A Youtube video of his setup is on Youtube.

Below are some close-ups of Swanton’s Coalmont recreations. The September/October edition of “Garden Railway Magazine” will include an article about his railway.  ~ Diane Sterne

Old Coalmont Courier buildingCoalmont General Store

Coalmont HotelCoalmont Station

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