Six Hour Power Outage Today

At five minutes after one in the afternoon Coalmont went dark. It wasn’t until 7 p.m. that the lights came back on.

Interestingly, when someone called to report the outage, Fortis wasn’t aware that there was a problem. Apparently they don’t do any monitoring of the grid or meters. Not only that, but one Coalmontian reports that “About half an hour after the power went on, a lady from Fortis called us to see if the power was back on in Coalmont“. So apparently those expensive smart meters also don’t report when the power is on.

One thought on “Six Hour Power Outage Today”

  1. Yes, the smart meters don’t appear to be very smart. Oddly, according to recent news on tv, the power companies DO KNOW when no one is living in a residence.

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