Coalmont Goat and Lamb Sanctuary

Coalmont Goat and Lamb Sanctuary

Pot bellied pig Meet Rochchester the goat, Snowflake the lamb, Charlie the pot belly pig and many more. The goats all carry bells because there’s no cell service here, which is also why they enjoy having someone to talk to. So grab the kids and head over to the corner of Front and Betts for an animal conversation. The hot topic this week is alfalfa versus truffles, but everybody has their own opinion and I’m sure they’d all like to hear yours. While you’re there you can talk to Rolly the owner, who also likes company. §

Pig Lamb Goat Rabbit Duck

2 thoughts on “Coalmont Goat and Lamb Sanctuary”

  1. Rabbits and ducklings and pigs, oh my…
    Hmmmm….a pig you say? I haven’t met him yet. I’ll have to do a wander over there and get introduced.

    I always said Coalmont was a great sanctuary for both man and beast. Thanks Rolly for providing our town with such great entertainment. Those animals are very lucky to have you taking such loving care of them!!!!

  2. I’ll echo the comment about how lucky the animals are to have a caretaker so fond of them. We visited on Labour Day weekend and were truly delighted to find this unexpected fun in Coalmont. The kids had a great time and I found Rolly to be a very welcoming, informative and friendly host. Remember to bring some change and you can help donate to the feeding of the animals!

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