Petition Changes Referendum Voting

Area H will now be able to vote independently of Princeton in the upcoming referendum.

As you will recall, our votes were to be lumped in with those of Princeton and even if we all voted no and they all voted yes, we would get to borrow 6 million dollars to put towards building an aquatic centre for them. Whether the project would be a success or not, we would still be on the hook for 6 million and a huge increase in our taxes. It appeared as if most people in Area H were in favour of an aquatic centre but saw red when they heard about the financing and lopsided voting scheme.

The result was a petition circulated the week before yesterday’s (August 4) RDOS board meeting. The petition stated simply that the undersigned wished to have their votes counted separately from those of the Town of Princeton. The response was overwhelming and 833 signatures were collected in the various Area H communities. Apparently it was a wakeup call for the Referendum Committee and elicited a particularly strong response from Randy McLean, the mayor of the Town of Princeton.

Brad Hope, our regional representative, who presented the signatures to the board, informs us that there are still late responses coming in and that he is up to almost 900. He also tells us that the Referendum Committee and Town of Princeton intend to go ahead with the referendum and that Area H will work with them in that endeavour.

On behalf of the Princeton & District Aquatic Centre Referendum Committee, a letter has subsequently been sent out with updated information by Nadine McEwen, Princeton Community Recreation & Cultural Coordinator Riverside Centre. You can read the letter in full on the Outram Echo.

Coalmont residents, along with the other communities, will be able to vote on September 24. The actual questions on the referendum will be announced at a later date. §