Where’s The Phone?

As we all know, our Telus payphone eventually did get installed, thanks to the hard work of Bob and Diane Sterne who were simply not going to give up.

Unfortunately, after all that we still got somebody with an emergency need wandering around town because they couldn’t find the payphone. No wonder. Telus had provided us with a sign, but it was only visible if you had a view up and down Front Street. So, the Sterns put further pressure on Telus and it payed off.

Today, there was a package from Telus with an additional sign and Bob put it up right away. Hopefully now someone traveling on Parrish (at Coalmont Road), or even along the KVR trail, will be able to see it.

Thanks to Bob and Diane Sterne, as well as David Fowler from Telus, for getting this happening for us.

Bob installing signTwo signs now

4 thoughts on “Where’s The Phone?”

  1. Yes.. the Sterne’s are well known for putting pressure on people who don’t quite meet there expectations. On another note, I have recently been given by a government employee, a paper titled, “Plan For Granite Creek Town Site And Cemetery” this paper I believe was authored by the Sterne’s ( AKA Granite Creek Preservation Society) The paper calls for the placement of security cameras at Granite City by the GCPS, Really now, I wonder what’s the next little gem coming from this group. If anybody would like a copy of this paper, I would be happy to email upon request. flaroche220@gmail.com.

    Francis LaRoche

  2. Mr. LaRoche…

    While I truly understand your concerns regarding the Granite Creek Historic Site, I don’t think it is very professional of you to accuse the Sternes of anything.

    First off, both Bob and Diane are merely MEMBERS of the Granite Creek Preservation Society. They both hold Director positions but are still just two votes around the table. I would appreciate it if you would concentrate on not confusing facts with feelings in regard to this matter. You are fully aware of the intentions of the Society to protect the location identified as Granite Creek at the nearby Cemetery.

    We are also completely aware of the rights you possess as a Free Miner with a Claim on a portion of the site we are trying to preserve.

    Why can’t we get along?

    I suspect it is because you don’t want to.

    Thank you for verifying that to us one more time.

    W. George Elliott
    Granite Creek Preservation Society

  3. I consider my Granite Creek mining claims to be very valuable, It has taken me a lot of effort , time (18 years), expense, to obtain , and explore them. The Sterne’s having owned and currently owning numerous mining claims themselves should be able to appreciate and respect this. Prior to the formation of the G.C.P.S. the Sterne’s actively lobbied the R.D.O.S and other Prov. ministries to have some sort of protected space over Granite City. Mrs Sterne even went so far as to acquire a placer claim ( Tenure 1010967) over the North east portion of Granite City so nobody could dig there, this is all available on the internet for anybody who care’s to search for it. So to say that the Sterne’s are just ordinary G.C.P.S. members is not accurate, they caused the G.C.P.S to be formed. Last summer the Sterne’s where observed, covertly taking pictures of some of my workings at Granite City, it was also reported to me by some campers at Granite City that they where subjected to the same surveillance activity. On the Pinterest website, Mrs Sterne has a page called Granite Creek Ghost Town, on this website, she declares that the Granite Creek Ghost town is being protected by the Granite Creek Preservation Society, what does she mean when she says ” Protected” So Mr. Elliott, why does the G.C.P.S feel they need to put security cameras at Granite City.

    Francis LaRoche

    1. I understand the need to express opinions and do consider it important. However, regardless of the veracity of what is said, this story is not about what is being discussed in these comments and in that context appear to be more of a personal attack. I will therefore close comments on this story.

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