Fire Department Says Thanks

The Coalmont Centennial Party got some donations which went to our Tulameen Fire Department. The same evening there was a dance in Tulameen set up specifically for the purpose of fund raising for much needed equipment which will help us all stay safe. The Coalmont Courier just received this letter of thanks from Chief Jody Woodford.

The Tulameen & District Fire Department would like to thank all of the people who donated to our Equipment Fund.

Our Goal was to Fundraise for 6 sets of Turnout Gear. From your generous donations and the funds raised at the dance, we have enough for 4 sets of turnout gear. We are on our way towards the next 2.

Thank you as well to the volunteers that helped set up and run the dance. A special Thank You to Judy and Bill Wallace, Mike & Rachelle Sanderson, Bobby Hughes, Marty Hassell, Tom & Kelly Reichert, Marg & Ed Reichert, James Eisnor, Daniel Wolowidnyk, Robert LeDuc, Tony Ellis, Colleen Burke, Janet Scotland, Maryanne Woodford, Frankie Reichert, Josh Sanderson, Bill & Candace of the Tulameen Trading Post, Chris Ng and family, Coalmont Centennial volunteers and the Tulameen Community Club.

Jody Woodford
Tulameen & District Fire Department