Centennial Party July 9

Magic Tree with 100sAfter putting up the Coalmont Centennial pages there has been more interest in this historical event. It was hoped that the Centennial Guestbook would generate some talk about what we could do to celebrate. Indeed, someone came to the rescue – Coalmont Energy Corporation. They have offered to sponsor a party for us here. Thank you CEC!

Every year there is also a Blakeburn reunion dinner held for the last survivors of that era. Those events have been organized by Lillian Young who grew up right here and knows how it was in the heyday of the town. This year she will organize the reunion dinner in Coalmont and we will have that together with our Centennial Party.

There will be a tent set up for the event, and a BBQ with burgers starting at noon. The dinner will start at 4:30 pm. This is a late date to be planning this sort of thing, but hopefully we will find musicians who will want to come and jam. We welcome other ideas for entertainment as well. Watch the Party Page for updates. Questions and suggestions can be directed to party@coalmontcentennial.com See you there!

Centennial banner over Walt's sign