Centennial buttonIt was June the 6th 1911 when the Columbia Coal and Coke Company registered the town plan in Kelowna. After getting off to a rocky start because of the intervening First World War, Coalmont took off and, as advertised, became “the centre of the coal and mining belt and the hub of business enterprise in the Tulameen valley”. Our little town thrived until the mine (by then in Blakeburn) closed in 1940. We nearly became a ghost town, but we’re still here!

Visit WWW.COALMONTCENTENNIAL.COM which was set up to commemorate our centennial. There you will find a pictorial “then and now“, links to more detailed history, and a GUESTBOOK for anyone to sign. The Guestbook has already garnered a few interesting stories and hopefully before the year is out will become an interesting little narrative. If you live here, grew up here, have visited here, or are simply a Coalmont wannabe, please add your two cents worth.

As many know, there is no grant money or funding for anything in our little town, but it is still possible that we can have some kind of celebration if we put our minds (and hearts) to it. Our 100th year has just begun! §

We have confirmation that there will be a celebration on Saturday July 9. Everyone is invited. This party is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Coalmont Energy Corporation. More details to follow.


  1. I was born in coalmont 85 years ago -my five sisters and two brothers where also born in Coalmont -Iam probably the oldest one still alive that was born there–I have been organizing the Coalmont Blakeburn reunion for about twenty years and this year I’ve decided to have it back at Coalmont this year because of the centenial year-with the help of the three fellows that are reopening the mine in Blakeburn–all of Coalmont are invited along with the excoalmonteers from before 1940–if you have been missed -just email me

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